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Chances of getting into PA school

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Hey everyone,


So I started out late in the game with what I wanted to do, I currently am a Senior at UNLV with a major in nutrition and a minor in biology. I can graduate in the spring but would rather finish up my minor and all my pre reqs for PA school as an undergrad. I recently just got my CNA and have been applying around but still no luck. I have around 100 volunteer hours in a hospital in NIQU and ED. My GPA Is a 3.6 so far in all my nutrition courses I've managed straight As

Anatomy- B+

Physiology -B

Stats- A

Microbiology A

General chemistry IP current standing A

General biology 1- B

General biology 11- C

Psychology A

Exercise physiology- A



I still need to improve on my HCE and finish up my courses of chemistry 2, ochem and biochem as well as I am going to take immunology and genetics for fulfill my minor. I have around 40 hours of shadowing a PA.

Does anyone have any advice for me?? I don't plan to apply for another 1.5 year




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