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OHIO: University of Dayton

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Asabry8- I cannot really tell you what will be on the interview.  It's pretty standard for all interviews for PA schools.


Agatka15- They did not ask me about the forms in the interview. You only need those once you are accepted into the program.  The interview is 3 hours of interviews and writing.  I believe we were pretty well done before noon with the interview, but they have students walk you around and allow you to ask questions then.


Best of luck,



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My interview was this last Friday (20th) and I want to say that is was really nice to meet everyone who was there :) There was about 15 people on the interview and you are divided into a group of 4 for a group activity. then you have your set of 3 one-on-one interviews and in between you have time to do your writing portion. At the end there is time to ask questions to both faculty and students and your get a tour of the facility. Both staff and students are very friendly and welcoming. I was nervous at first but everybody there made you feel really great. 


Good luck to all of you who are waiting for your interviews !!! 

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Hi all!

I'm new to applying. This is my first cycle.  I wanted to bring forward my stats and would like to hear some feedback as far as where I would stand. 


Graduation Date: April 2014

University: Oakland University (Rochester, MI)

Major: Bachelors of Health Sciences with concentration in Integrative Holistic Medicine


Pre-Req GPA: 3.6


Advanced Human Anatomy- 3.7

Anatomy Lab- 3.2

Advanced Human Physiology- 4.0

Physiology Lab- 3.7

Clinical Microbiology- 3.9

Microbiology Lab- 4.0

Organic Chemistry- 4.0

Organic Chemistry Lab- 3.9

Intro Psychology- 3.1

Developmental/ Lifespan Psychology- 3.7 

Statistics- 3.0

Medical Terminology- 3.4


Overal CASPA GPA: 3.12


Patient Contact Hours: 3,900 (paid, Certified Nursing Assistant)


Healthcare Experience: Dental Office Manager, Care Management Administration


Shadowing Hours: ~70 (Trauma, Surgical Service, Rapid Response, and Neurology) 


Letters of Reccomendation: 1 from Neurology PA (I work with her on my hospital unit), 1 from a Derm/GI PA (I volunteered at her clinic in Chicago), 1 from my unit manager, and 1 from a professor (professor for my biochem/pathology courses, conducts breast cancer research at OU). 


Extra Curricular:


Pre-PA Society, Vice President (Oakland University)

Keep Detroit Beautiful, Brand Ambassador (Detroit, MI) 

Gamma Phi Beta Sorority, Executive Board Member, Volunteer Coordinator

Gamma Phi Beta, Recruitment/ Chapter Advisor (Beta Chapter- University of Michigan) 



GRE: Not required for this program. 


Any recommendations for me? I am currently taking a few courses just to keep up with my studies. I currently work at the hospital, volunteer, and am prepping for a mission trip in December. 


******ALSO: Where can I find the supplemental app? I've searched EVERYWHERE on the program site! When I start a grad app, it doesn't list an option to apply to the PA program.


Please feel free to give me any tough love!

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