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How are my answers to these interview questions?

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I just got my first and hopefully not last interview invite!


I thought long and hard about this question and its answer over the past few months and would like some feedback so that when I say it aloud in person, it comes out naturally and from the heart.


"Why do you want to be a PA"


i've always had a natural curiosity with science and how it can affect the human body and mind. as I entered college,  I envisioned a future that would allow me to practice these relationships to not only benefit my well being and health, but also get the satisfaction from educating the uninformed and making a promising outcome in the lives of others. I began my academic career on a typical premed track but later in my college semesters learned that PAs were just as qualified to perform the roles that I saw for myself. from shadowing PAs across fields I learned that I too wanted to be in a position to make important life changing decisions while still having a doctor to confer with when needed. I also learned through working as a dental assistant, emt, pt aide, and medical assistant that there are so many themes to medicine and to pick one to stick with for my whole career doesn't seem like something I want to hold myself to. I really like the idea of shift work and working in emergency medicine when I am young with the piece of mind in knowing that years down the road, if I wanted to, I could transition to a more relax paced environment like primary care. I also like the idea of getting fast tracked into medicine because it would allow me the opportunity to get my life started earlier and make it more reasonable to start a family of my own if I want to.


What do you guys think?


Thanks in advance

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Agree that it should be in Pre-PA section.


It sounds fine but just make sure you don't say it straight like that.  You don't want your answers to sound rehearsed or written.  Chances are they won't even ask that question because it is so common.  All the interviews I had, were questions and scenarios that weren't your obvious ones.  Most adcoms want to see how you do on the fly and under pressure to see how you really respond when you don't have a rehearsed, practiced answer.  Good luck! 

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