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2015-2016 Application cycle

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Pa-S93 I agree, there was no feedback or any other cues from what i noticed. They were very neutral in responding to each individuals answers. From what i saw, even what they were writing down wasn't dividing. They were just jotting down a few words that we discussed in our answers. We can only wait and see how it goes. But judging from everyone i spoke to that day, they have a very tough decision. Lets Hope for the best - Good Luck!!

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I'll also share my experience. I thought I did bad in the interview, but I made a personal connection when I answered questions and I showed that I knew my stuff. I had quoted research articles in regards to undeserved communities and the likes. I never got a smile or a nod, but I did say something stupid/idiotic that made my last two interviewers laugh hysterically.


I think if you were genuine, intelligent, and showed you were dedicated and a hard worker you should have nothing to worry about.

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