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PA School Essentials

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Thought this would be a cool topic for new students!



Cup ramen, frozen food


Electric water boiler (for ramen, coffee,tea)

Light weight laptop - you gonna be carrying that rock everywhere

Team of therapists - friends, SO, classmates. Cycle through them because they may get burnt out from your ordeals.



steth at all times


Maxwell's pocketbook

notebook to jot everything down

multiple cheap pens, cheap because docs always borrow them forever

Epocrates + Family Practice Notebook in your smartphone

PANCE review sources

breakfast during surg!!! (I fainted the one day I skipped mine while first assisting -_-)


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Second for the light laptop. Also, make time to volunteer. Trust me, its very easy to become too selfish in PA school because PA school requires an element of selfishness to survive. Gettting out and helping in your community is a great way to remind youself that you are not the only one with major concerns in this world. You may even come to the conclusion that your problems aren't that major. And it may even remind you why you want to be a PA too, which can be forgotten during the grind of PA school.

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I don't like Epocrates either. I used Medscape all through school and still occasionally on my phone.


A supportive significant other is very important, but I really disagree about hammering the point home with them over hours and expectations. A supportive spouse doesn't need you to tell him/her "I will only have one hour per day to spend on you and our relationship." That's pretty harsh. Nor does he/she need to hear you consider time spent on the relationship "thrown away." Yikes. Have an adult discussion and just ask them for flexibility if something isn't working.


Also, caffeine. Mmm.

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Portable caffeine (I don't drink coffee, so Mio Energy is my bud)

Multi-colored clicky pen (you know the type)

Dry shampoo spray

Gym membership (school or 3rd party)

Frozen veggies sold already in steamer bags

Orthotics (custom or not) if you have trouble being on your feet all day. Figure this out before you matriculate

Friends/family/SO....somebody outside of the program who keeps you up to date on "real world" news and issues

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