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Any hospitalist PAs here?

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I work full time in an ED already (110 hours) and pick up part time, as needed, ED shifts in a rural area about 1.3 hours away from my home. I get $75 without benefits but they cover the cost for hotel (no gas) and I'm W-2. 


One of the recruiters of the group (it's actually an ER group that runs the hospitalists) reached out to me today and said they were in "desperate" need for a hospitalist NP/PA. 


Now, granted, I don't have any hospitalist background, so it would be a challenge and a learning curve from the ED.


I went up and spoke to the director of the hospital and the head hospitalist who basically offered me a job on the spot. They currently have 1 other NP that works part time on the weekends. They're pretty desperate. 



1) Do you guys like hospitalist work? Would it be difficult for me to transition from ED to hospitalist?

2) What is a fair rate to ask for? Initially, she offered $65/hr (no bennies) and I just chuckled on the phone when she said that, because that's what the offer is already around my home town. She offered the "same rate" as my current ED rate. Should I ask for more? $80/hr? or first 4 shifts $75/hr and any shifts after that would be time.half/double rate? I don't want to sound too greedy.



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Yes it can be done. There are new headaches like dealing with placement, time spent talking with family, etc. And obviously there are things you won't deal with anymore such as pelvic exams, peds, etc. The work is more intellectually stimulating (IMO) and less about speed and circulating patients around. Of course this all dependent upon your case load, schedule, work environment etc. But in general I think quality of life and schedule are better in hospitalist positions.


Regarding pay I would certainly not accept a penny less than you are already making. If they are desperate then now is the time to negotiate your contract if you want the job. So in writing things such as how many weekends, overnights, have to answer pages after work, how many patients a day (>15-17 in anything less than a 12 hr shift would be considered a lot). I would personally negotiate for benefits and a higher salary or at least attempt to especially if they are desperate. Another option would be to ask to start PRN to see if it's a good fit for you and then move over after a couple months or so. Keep in mind there can be a lot of co variables outside of the specialty (ER vs IM) to determine if it's worth changing jobs or not. Finally, the extra hourly after x amount of shifts - I would not ask for this. That is overtime which you can ask for If over 40 hrs a week.

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