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Which Stethoscope is best for medical students

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Littman Cardiology II or III. Good tubing, replaceable diaphragm and rim.


Avoid Sprague - I have one in the trunk of my car for roadside emergencies - heavy, clunky, not great tubing.


My first one developed a permanent U Shape at 15 years. I like the slightly longer length - extends the reach of halitosis just a bit...................


Happy Shopping!!

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I like the Welch Allen Harvey Elite for an alternative to the Littman cardiovascular iii. I use a Littman 3200 electronic now but only due to my hearing loss and my work mandates it but I used my Harvey during a recent mission trip and I think I heard sounds better with that than the 3200 lol. Just don't bang the diaphragm on anything while wearing the earpieces lol


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