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Contacting CASPA Customer Service

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I am aware that there are issues with some applicants experiencing problems accessing CASPA customer service. With high applicant volume we anticipate it will be an issue for the remainder of the cycle. As much as I would like to help every applicant, I am not customer service, I do not work for customer service, nor do I have access to ANY individual application. I cannot access applications, check statuses or give any information on individual applications. 


As an applicant, you will need to contact customer service for this information. They can be reached at caspainfo@caspaonline.org or 617.612.2080. They have activated a call back feature that you can utilize if wait times are too long. This feature is new and has been running very well in the past couple of weeks to help alleviate stress on the phone lines. 


If I receive an email from an applicant with a specific request for review of their individual application, I will not respond to it nor forward it to a CASPA team member, you must contact CASPA customer service via the instructions included above. 


I do apologize for the poor customer service experience this cycle and would like to assure each and every one of you that we are taking the necessary steps to improve this daily and have it up and running in full capacity before the open of the 2016-2017 application cycle. 


Thank you for your understanding,


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Hi, I have called CASPA customer service several time in regards to my transcript and professional transcript. That is the only thing holding me back from submitting my application. The transcripts are all in and it was received last month, but in the professional transcript some of the courses that I have already taken did not even appear at all. By the way, the customer service is horrible and the waiting time is ridiculous. In your letter above this problem was going on since 2015, now its 2018. Have you guys done anything to fix it at all or at least tried to just wondering. 

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