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advice needed for PA-psych job consideration

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Hi all,


I am an experienced PA in surgery, with about 13 years experience. I'm considering a move, and an interesting job that came up is in Psych. Ticks the boxes as far as schedule, flexibility, and lack of call. The last bit is key, and a main reason I'm thinking of switching. 


I have always had an interest in psych, and did two rotations in school. No direct psych experience in a clinical setting.


This job would give me a lot of autonomy, after training one-on-one with the psychiatrist. Pay is about 50$/hr, with option of seeing more patients/hr, and increasing $. Other benefits seem standard.


Anything in particular I should keep in mind? I interviewed, which I feel went well, and have a contact who works there to talk to, I was just seeking out some other opinions as to whether this seems fairly standard. 


I am interested in the field, like the (eventual) autonomy, and think I'd come to be very good at this.


All advice/input appreciated!

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I have been working in Psychiatry for a little over 1 year. you can PM me with specific questions. There are plenty of PROs and CONs.

I really enjoy it, I think it takes the right type of person for this specialty, as I am sure it does for each specialty.

Feel free to message me.

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