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My process for passing the PANCE

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So I recently just passed the PANCE!!! What a huge weight off my shoulders. Anyways here is what I did to prepare. During my clinical rotations, each rotation was 6 weeks. I spent the first 3 weeks spot studying what they would pimp me on during the day and then the last 3 weeks studying for the EOR exam. I started to really study for the PANCE about 2.5 months from my PANCE test date. 


I passed all my EOR tests with the raw scores around 76.

Packrat before clinical rotations was 135

Packrat after clinical rotations 170

I used pancemaster with scores between 70-90%. Questions get very repetitive and thus higher scores!

I used Rosh Review which I would absolutely recommend with scores between 60-80%!!! By far my favorite question bank!

I used Kaplan question bank with scores typically around 75%.

I used exam master with scores from 55-75%. 



After graduating I took 3 weeks to study. My program brought in a guy to do 3 days of review over everything after we graduated (I did not find this helpful at all). I mainly used PANCE prep pearls, and the NCCPA book. The 3 weeks was way to LONG!!!!! By the end I was so burned out! So I would suggest that if you have shown no signs of failing during your didactic and clinical year do not take longer than 2 weeks to study. After the exam I came to the conclusion that any extra studying or spending another week or 2 studying would not have changed the outcome at all. You either know the questions or you don't.


Hope this helps! As far as I know there has been only one person that has failed out of my class so far. But this person also had some life changing events prior to taking the exam. 

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Thanks for sharing. The earliest I could take my PANCE is in October, which gives me a total of 2 months. Studied the NCPPA book and their online questions, a bunch of Packrats, reviewed answers. I'm already very burnt out. I spent the past few days doing nothing. Makes me feel guilty, but will start on the Qbank next.

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