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IM new grad offer

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Hi all.  I'm newly certified, in the middle of contract negotiations and would greatly appreciate some input/advise to a few questions I had about some items in this contract.


1. Is it the general consensus that PAs do not pay ANY part of malpractice insurance and is considered a normal business expense for the hiring physician(s)?   In my current contract, the hiring company states they will pay the liability coverage during my term of employment but upon termination, I would be required to purchase tail coverage for "an unlimited reporting period covering PA and [provider] for professional liability from and after the date of PA's termination or lapse professional liability coverage..."  


2. They have a 3 mile, 1 yr restrictive covenant upon termination.  Is that typical/reasonable and should I request that be struck from the contract?


3. Currently my CME (employer paid) is lumped into my total PTO bank, which includes vacation, sick, and holidays as well.  Should I request CME to be excluded from the PTO bank as it's techinically time I'm putting in to benefit the company (even though I'm out of the office)?  Total bank is 26 days/yr. 


4. Basically states no moonlighting allowed.  Reasonable?  Not really a big deal for me.  This is a full-time position. 


5. They provide medical, dental, etc (after 30 days) and 401k (after 1 year).


Pay is fair for new grad (i.e. 90's).  No call, no rounds.  60 day notice (PA and employer) for termination.  


Much thanks in advance!

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My employer will cover tail insurance whenever I leave the practice.   My PTO is all rolled into CME time off, vacation, sick.  First year I get 144 hours.  Second year I get 288 hours.  Some Holidays are paid days off since I am on salary now, and I don't count them as PTO.  When I am switched to production only then I get the holidays off that the company allows (without pay, since  I am not producing then) and still don't take them as PTO.  I think we get 7 holidays a year or so.  I have a 20 mile restriction but I can moonlight at any of the clinics/UC within my group if I wanted to pick up extra money.  I am in a FT (36 hr. week) FP position.  I have no desire to work more than that since I don't need extra money, and my kids are all out of college and loans are paid off. 

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