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Question regarding CMEs...how much does it typically cost annually?

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New grad here with a couple questions about CMEs as I work through contracting negotiations. I am just wondering from those in the field how much of your CMEs are free or inexpensive and if it is generally necessary to shell out a lot of money to fulfill your CME requirements. Reason I am asking is because it seems that most people I've talked with say that your company should cover anywhere from $1500 to $3000 in CME expenses, however some jobs offer much less than this or offer nothing at all. I'm sure there is a lot of variability here, but if I were to take a job that doesn't cover CME expenses, is it inevitable that I spend a couple grand of my own money every year to cover this or could I realistically do so on a much smaller budget? Or is it appropriate to be insistent that your job cover at least $1500 in CMEs? The new rules for the PI and SA CMEs probably make this question a little bit harder to answer since everyone may just be getting used to doing it this way but any input is appreciated. 

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Hey, I am a new grad. I graduated a month and a half ago. While waiting for my license and hospital credentialling I have already finished 65 CME hours. So far they have all been free. I've done about 60 on the AAPA website (roughly 30 SA) and the other 5 on Medscape. I know this doesn't entirely answer your question but I think you can probably get them all for free if you wanted to. 

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You can do all your CME for free, it just takes a lot of work and self-study. Or you can go to a single professional conference and knock out half of it at once, with the opportunity to network, ask questions, and have discussion about topics that interest you.


Why would you take a job where you aren't given paid time to complete requirements to stay in that job?

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