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LOR Issue - A Big No No- Advice Please!

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So this morning I bumped into my nurse manager that wrote one my letters of recommendation this cycle and she ended up printing out for me the detailed letter of recommendation she submitted on my behalf. I was awed by how vast and detailed the letter she wrote was but I was also left surprised at the many and I mean MANY "physician's assistant" (in lower case letters) there were throughout the entire recommendation. I was at a complete loss for words after reading. I mean she works along side so many on our floor I didn't think this was possible. 


The last sentence ended with:  I implore you to consider him for you physician's assistant program" 


I don't even know what to say to that.


I mean, I absolute love the fact that she wrote such a detailed letter for me describing my many interactions with patients, nurses, PAs and Physicians but I cant help to feel MORTIFIED at what Adcoms will think! I am already nervous about this process it became amplified after reading this letter.


Any advice on what I should do?? Should i call my schools? Should i call CASPA to see if i can have her removed from my app? Am i overreacting? Please help!

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I'm sure PA programs run into this sort of thing all the time. 


It shouldn't reflect badly on you at all! You didn't write the letter, after all. Had you written that in your personal statement, that's a different story.


What's more important is that the LOR is a solid review of your performance. I wouldn't worry about this, and definitely don't call the schools/CASPA. That'll create problems in your application review. No need to do anything at all, in my opinion!

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IMO, it's fine.


My last job was as a cop, my last supervisor wrote me an LOR that made similar mistakes. It also had several grammatical and spelling errors, and made it clear that my last boss, while selling me, had no clue what a PA is or does. So far I have four interviews scheduled, so it didn't sink me. Doubt it'll sink you.

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I really wouldn't worry much about it - yes, programs will notice the physician's - but you didn't write the letter. Adcoms don't expect (although would love) that every single person, regardless of whether they work with them or not, know what a PA is and how to spell it properly. I wouldn't email CASPA because they cannot remove a letter from an application - they can only note if an evaluator wants to rescind their letter, which would not be good in your case. 

What you can do is share this site with all your friends :) 



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