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Rough draft, hoping to be final draft. FEEDBACK, PLEASE!

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Every day we are confronted with opportunities that transform to a lifetime of experiences that accumulate and mold you as a person. It is unknown what experiences will shape and define the person you become. Each moment is an opportunity to shape yourself to become a better person than you were before. It is these seemingly meaningless steps that have showed who I am and who I aspire to be. After much thought and reflection I knew the only career I could pursue the rest of my life is helping others as a physician assistant.

My decision to join the field of medicine began at Oakland University as a Health Science Major. I was elated to start this journey, but had no idea how tough it would really be. I took the maximum amount of credits, worked my first job, and joined the all-girl-Oakland University cheerleading team. After the first year I had to pause and reevaluate my decisions. I wasn’t prepared for the work load I had taken on and my grades showed for it. As my grades suffered, I became exhausted and still hadn’t fit in any experience in the medical field.

I gave myself an ultimatum, either give my schooling all I had or pick an alternative route. I found that I truly didn’t see myself going down a different path and that I would put forth my best effort. Eventually I found the passion and motivation I knew I always had.  At the end of the road my grades were getting better and I was getting more involved in my community.

My first volunteer experience in a health care setting was in high school. It was looked upon as a clinical internship where I was lucky enough to gain experiences in oncology, orthopedics, neurology, rehabilitation, inpatient physical therapy and occupational therapy. This led me to volunteering in St. John Providence Hospital in the emergency department. My favorite work experience thus far was being a medical assistant at Mathew’s Medical Center. There I was able to interact with patients on a personal level by taking background information, vital signs, collecting laboratory samples. I am currently employed at an assisted living facility where I am a resident assistant. As a resident assistant, it is my job to assist each resident in daily activities whether it be showering, eating, or even needing someone to talk to.

I started out wanting to become a physician until I really began to explore the many possibilities of health care. When I began college I realized I wasn’t just going to sail through easily and that I had a long road to conquer. This is when I began to research if becoming a physician was really for me. When working at Mathew’s Medical Center I was introduced to a variety of specialty areas. I worked with a pulmonologist, nephrologist, internal medicine, and a podiatrist all which were willing to expand my knowledge on the different specialties.  There is where I discovered the physician assistant profession and it sparked an interest in me. From there I was on the hunt to meet a physician assistant to shadow to really see what it was all about. I also met a nurse anesthetist and nurse practitioner who were also willing to let me shadow them. I explored many different fields before narrowing down to a physician assistant.


The decision was easy. Becoming a physician assistant meant that I could still fulfill that long time childhood dream of living a life dedicated to continuous learning and helping people achieve health and wellness. The physician assistant profession not only allows you to dedicate your life to medicine but also allows you to still live a balanced life style. As a physician assistant I will still be able to work hand in hand with patients while also working alongside a physician and other dedicated health professionals. A physician assistant is a great asset to medicine that people do not realize, they expand the role of a physician and allow for better patient care.  


Throughout my experiences I discovered that patient care is more than just healing, it is becoming connected to that person and providing the support that they need. I have been a resident assistant for just over a year now and have found that nothing is more satisfying than being involved in another’s life. Being able to see a person heal over time is rewarding, but bonding with the patient, their families and learning about their lives is truly remarkable. So often as care givers we under estimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, a honest compliment or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.

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No contractions in formal writing!!  Also, watch using "there is/are/were".  Utilize action verbs.  I.e. Instead of your sentence, "There is where I discovered the physician assistant..", you could say, "Here I discovered the physician assistant...".  Also, be cautious when ending a sentence in a preposition.  It is usually frowned upon, gramatically.  Finally, be succinct.  Try going through each sentence and clean up as many extraneous words as possible.  You will find you can utilize those words better, waste nothing.  These are just suggestions off the top of my head.  If you have any specific questions let me know.

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