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EMT to PA please critique thanks

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What inspires people to do the things they do?   At what point in a person’s life do they decide what they want to dedicate their life to as a career or mission?  How many people have missed their calling or opportunity to do something truly great with their life?  Was it something they ignored or was it a lack of motivation or inspiration?  Most would argue that very few people are working in or pursuing a career they love and are called to do.  Of those that are working in the career they dreamed of most would recall with great clarity the moment, situation or person that inspired them to become the person they are today.  


As I hung up the phone with my father I knew something was wrong.  As I came face to face with him my fears were realized.  My mother had cancer.  That is something no person ever wants or should hear.  As horrible as it sounds it was the defining moment in my life that set me on the tract to becoming a Physician Assistant.  Watching the medical practices involved in healing my mother of cancer was astonishing to me.  Realizing that people go to work every day and get to make a difference in the lives of those who are sick, dying or wounded was exciting.  There had to be a way that I could have that satisfaction as well as knowing my life could have more meaning and purpose.


Being a scuba diver led me to various places and into many different situations over my career as a diver.  It was a complete shock when it led to my first job in healthcare.  Understanding how gases effect the human body under pressure made me a perfect candidate for Hyperbaric Medicine.  Gaining my EMT license was also a requirement of the job.  For the first time in my life I was finally learning how to be a part of the healing process of medicine as well as part of a medical team.  While working as a Hyperbaric and Wound Care tech I worked under doctors and nurses to treat patients both in Hyperbaric chambers and to assist with their wound care also.  Watching patients heal as a direct result from something I was a part of was the most satisfying feeling I had ever imagined.  


Through becoming an EMT I was able to learn things about emergency medicine and prehospital care that showed me one love I have in the medical world which is helping people at their worst.  The idea of not knowing what you would encounter on each call excited me and prepared me to work under stress and unusual situations that could be very dangerous at times.  One beautiful May was one such time.  We answered a call for a patient in labor.  When we arrived it was very clear that it was further progressed than reported.  My partner and I were blessed with the privilege of bringing a baby girl into the world inside a green minivan.  Many times in my career the patients did not fair so well, but I will never forget the privilege of bringing a human life into the world.  


As my path in medicine progressed I wanted to do more.  Opportunities began to open up for me to travel outside of the U.S. to work in medical clinics in many other countries.  This led to the second love I have in medicine which is helping underserved areas and populations.  I have assisted in medical clinics in Thailand, El Salvador and Belize.  I have returned to Thailand five times to help in the same areas.  I have also served in clinics inside the U.S.  Every time I leave one of these trips I always wish I could have done more.  As an EMT I am obviously limited.  I have a desire to know more and do more to help when I am in those areas and also be able to do the same in my home country.


Becoming a PA would be much more beneficial to my goals in medicine than becoming a physician.  It will allow me to move around in different disciplines without the need of a fellowship.  Many of the remote areas I travel to already have a physician working within the local area.  Working as  a PA would allow me to step in to any setting and become a part of the healing process under the direction of the local medical doctor.  I would have the ability to gain knowledge and experience in many different areas to better assist populations of any area and especially those that are underserved.  It wold give me the benefit of no longer wishing I could do more, but allow me to be a part of any system and do so much more to help and heal people than I am able to do now.       

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I like the overall flow, but too many questions as mentioned. also you worked WITH doctors and nurses nut "under them" (unless it was during deco stops and they were higher up...:) )

I'm also a diver. currently working on the last requirements for my master diver cert. Been diving since 1989. my favorite site so far is Cozumel. totally awesome.

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Based on my quick overview, I recommend the following:


  • Get rid of the questions
  • Physicians do "residencies" not "fellowships"
  • Watch what you are capitalizing.."Hyperbaric and Wound Care tech" should probably be just "hyperbaric and wound care technician"
  • You make several statements regarding traveling and "working at the direction of the local medical doctor." Having worked around the world, I would hope that you would be contributing to the medical knowledge of the locals clinicians, not just working under them. Remember that medical school in most of the world, even some industrialized nations, is often not up to par with the U.S. I would speak in more vague terms about what you want to do as a PA ie. "After graduating and gaining experience in U.S. medicine, I would like to travel to underserved communities throughout the world....."
  • There are several areas where your sentences are short and choppy, I would consider revising this for flow.

Overall, a good start. Good luck.

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