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Schedule II's DNF scripts

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My SP seems to be okay with this for some patients, I try to avoid it at all costs. 


Do you all ,for example,  bring stable ADHD pts back every month for Adderall, etc., or give them one or two DNF scripts to last a few months between visits? 


A quote from my state PA chapter FAQ: 


Can you provide a patient with 3 different schedule II prescriptions of the same prescription and write "do not fill for 30 days” on 1 of the 3 and "do not fill for 60 days” on another of the 3 the prescriptions?


The practice act does not specify this. However, we strongly advise against doing this as may draw attention and get push back from the BME that would limit our laws.





Thanks in advance. 


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Thanks, Rev.


My initial thought is schedule II drugs are not allowed to be refilled for a reason, and DNF scripts seem like a loop hole. BUT, often times stable patients, like you mentioned, really get little benefit from an office visit every single month of the year to pick up a script. 

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