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For new grads that started at 100k+

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Quantity does NOT equal quality in my opinion.

I would not want to see more schools go in at this point.

PA is listed as a booming profession in every magazine in the nation. Some schools are probably cropping up in response to that but may not be the best at what they do. Just hopping on the bandwagon of a burgeoning career field.

Clinical sites are almost nonexistent in some areas and corporate medicine is severely restricting students.

The other consideration has to do with the number of physicians available to supervise PAs while the laws still has us supervised and with varying restrictions in some states.

Flooding the market with PAs won't help our employment situation unless we have places to go and docs to work with.

Unless there is some sort of epiphany on the immediate horizon for PAs and independence then we really shouldn't be mass producing newbie professionals who might not have places to go.


Just my two cents

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Given the choice between higher pay now, with no raises, and lower pay, with the chance of raises (but a cap later), I would opt for the higher pay now.  By investing the difference earlier, you stand to profit more from it.  Also, inflation would eat into salary increases, making them less meaningful.  

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I find the ED's in florida pay the same rate regardless of experience.  60-70hr for a lot of hospitals so ~110-125k working 15 shifts a month. If you work additional shifts the pay raises to 90hr and there are shift bonuses when there is need which is 500 to 1000 extra for the shift.  My classmate made over 150k her first year out of school in the ED.  I am part time in the ED and the money is nice and there is no work to take home or call.  I work full time in spine and started at 80k now at 100k after 2 years. My counterparts in the area who have more experience make 125-150k in spine but work 50 hrs week and take all the call.  


As someone who has his foot on both sides im considering making the change as my long term outlook in spine would still only get me to what I can make now in the ED AND NO MORE CALL and no more taking work home!!

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it's already tight...although I have heard there are a few more programs being considered in OR.

I think Wyoming doesn't even have a single program.. Who wants to set up a school near Jackson? Focus on ski....ermmm... wilderness medicine, er, country FP and some veterinary medicine
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Interesting EMEDPA.......... I will have to look into it.

New grads who have contacted me on the East Side of the Cascades haven't been offered more than $85K in most areas.

Corporate Medicine has ceilings in their calculations - so, no matter how long you have been out - there is a stopping point.

Private Ortho pays the best in my town with baseline salary and then reconciliations every 3 months and payouts based on billings - you pay some overhead but are treated like the docs and a revenue producing provider responsible for keeping the lights on. The motto is "eat what you kill"


GOOD health insurance is a must for me and nice bennies make it better. 


I am going down to 32 hours a week and taking an overall paycut but not a cut in hourly wage. My choice. I am tired................





these "calculations" are nothing more then that and suppress our wages



We simply need to start demanding more


took bout 5-10 years for my local system to realize it and now top of scale is 140k

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