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Respectfully, I think you might find more interest if there were more information here about the position.


What specialty?


Where are you located in Dallas? Hospital-based, hospital-adjacent, or completely private?


What kind of hours? What clinical duties? How big is the practice? What's your history working with PAs in the past?


Basically, anything you yourself would like to know, in considering whether a position might be a fit, you should share here, if you're looking to find high-quality candidates. If you can't share some details, at least mention why you'd prefer to do things via PM. Good luck!

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    • By HillarySimeone
      Hi! My name is Hillary Simeone and I am a second year Physician Assistant student. I am looking for a preceptor and site to fulfill my elective rotation, seventh rotation of eight total, in the Dallas, Texas area. The dates for this rotation would be: September 13th, 2021 - October 20th, 2021. I have an open mind regarding my elective rotation and am open to new learning experiences. I can provide my CV to any prospective preceptor for consideration. Thank you for taking the time to read this!
      email: hillarysimeone@gmail.com
    • By emccoskey
      Hi everyone, 
      I am starting my clinical year in January 2021, but you can never get too ahead of the game! My SO works from home and would like for me to do my rotations in Texas, in the Austin or Dallas area if possible (I know these areas are saturated). I go to a school that will allow me to do as many rotations out of state as I would like. With COVID I realize that this may be impossible, but does anyone have recommendations on contacting preceptors in the state of Texas so that I can ask about doing rotations there? Any information would be helpful, and once again I do acknowledge that this is a long shot with that state of the world right now! TYIA
    • By zgharbieh
      Hello everyone! I thought I would start a thread for this cycle. Waiting for my transcripts to be received by caspa and then I plan on submitting. 
    • By GayleMorgan
      My name is Gayle Morgan. I am completing my final courses for a Biomedical Science degree and the remaining prerequisites for my PA program application. I am looking to shadow a PA locally, preferably in the mental health field. I am passionate about helping others through their most difficult times.
      I have ten years of experience as a pharmacy technician, and am HIPAA certified. I have varying levels of experience in clinical and lab settings, including documenting assaults for a crime scene unit. I am very serious about my decision to pursue this as a career. 
      If you are willing to allow me some time to observe a physician assistant in action, please email me at gayle.lynne.morgan@gmail.com or message me. I would really appreciate it! I am excited to gain more experience and insight into this field. 
    • By IrishMKB
      New grad looking to join an Ortho practice in Dallas, TX.  Although I am a new grad, I have about 10 yrs of corporate before switching careers.  I'm currently in salary talks and wanted to see what was reasonable.  There is no call with this position.  They are looking to offer something in the 80k which seems low to me.  There is a bonus but I'm waiting to hear about that structure, CME is 2K, and PTO is 15 days.  Since I will not need benefits (I'm under my husband's) that would save the employer about 7K.


      What would be reasonable for salary expectations?  I'm really looking to get on somewhere and stay.  I don't want to be pigeonholed and forced to look for other opportunities due to salary down the road.  Any advice would be appreciated.

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