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Experiences With Simulation in PA Programs

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We had two sim labs while I was in PA school.  They were both great.  The first was an interdisciplinary event - we had RN and PharmD students all take part with me and another PA student.  The two PA students played the lead role in evaluation of peds cases while RN students worked their magic and PharmD students made sure we didn't overdose the babies.  It was great.  Very hard for me at the time, though. 


The second one was mock codes during one of our mid-year weeks during clinical year - we all hovered around the mannequin as he interactively played out the events in an ACLS-type scenario.  good stuff, but too many students per mannequin.  I would recommend small groups of 4 (5 max) for those scenarios (we had like 8 at a time). 

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