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Slippery Rock University: 2015-2016 Cycle

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I interviewed there on December 12 and was offered a position on the 16th. School seems amazing!!

I emailed Jerry McCombs on 2/2/16 regarding admissions decisions. I interviewed on January 8th. He said that the PA Department was in the process of looking at all of the applicants that have intervie

Omg Pennsylvania does NOT need another PA program! No wonder PAs are so underpaid in the commonwealth.   Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk    

@simplyheatharc Thank you for all of the information! It's helpful to know all of this! @kmelore, wow, congrats!!! So exciting to hear! I haven't gotten anything yet, but keeping my hopes up. Good luck to all!


I just received it about 5 minutes ago, so I'm sure they're just starting to send them out. Fingers crossed for you!

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I'm on the waitlist as well. My letter was originally sent to my old address, so I just got it late last week. I know of another girl from my interview group who is also waitlisted. I emailed  to ask if we will be informed of our rank on the list. Diane sent back a nice note explaining that they cannot inform us of our exact spot on the list because it can change based on others decisions. She did say I am "very high" on the list, but I think that could be due to a small list! haha. Still nice to hear! She said lots of accepted students have requirements to fulfill prior to the start date. If they don't meet the requirements, waitlisted candidates will be called (likely last minute). She also said those who were waitlisted this year will be offered interviews earlier in the cycle next year to help increase chances of admittance due to rolling admissions. So that's good news for those who reapply! Best of luck to you!

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Hi guys! I'm thinking about to this program for the upcoming cycle. I was wondering you guys could post your stats? I just really want to know if I have a chance at an interview, or if I should not apply. Hope you understand! :)


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