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At my present practice (been here x 2 yrs) I see approx 20 - 21 patients per day with 50% patients being New Consults i.e. 90 - 100 patients per week in NV. I get 100K with $1500 CME  10 paid vacation days and $200 for Health Insurance. I do not do Hospital rounds or take weekend calls. I have to work from 2 different offices, one of which is 16 miles away from home. I have a soft offer from another group where they are expecting me to round at 2 hospitals but the location of the office and the hospitals will be closer to home (approx 15 mins). I will also have to take weekend calls. I'm wondering how much I should ask the new group.


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I would ask for higher base salary right off the top.  100k after 2 years and seeing consistently over 20 patients a day should be more at around 115-120k.  If you had your productivity numbers you would know you are making them a good bit of money. Seems like most GI PAs in our area are around 120k.   For weekend call I have seen all different set ups suggested, I recently interviewed for a GI position and for the weekends they offer a shift differential of $25 more per hour, this is on top of your base rate.  They also give the PAs two days during the week after off so they are not working for two weeks straight.  Try to get that in your contract or you will end up burned out.  Did this for about 6 months and had to just say I couldn't do it anymore, however easier to just not agree to it in the first place.  If you are taking night call I would ask for at least 100/night extra, that ends up being a big pain and I have never done it but know some PAs who have. 

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