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As an older -- I took the PANCE when we had to use number 2 pencils -- and wiser (hopefully) PA I took the online Rutgers PANCE/PANRE to prepare for my second PANRE.  The first time I recertified I bought a lot of books and found the studying to be rather monotonous.  The Rutgers course on the other hand was much more engaging and I felt like I learned things that I could actually apply to my job. That was a nice bonus.  Add in the fact that you get 26.5 CMEs for completing the course makes it a very valuable resource.  Plus my score went up almost 100 points. 

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I originally took the PANCE in 2010. Since I am a Rutgers grad I took a board review course with them. I found the course to be extremely helpful and informative. Naturally when it came time to take my PANRE I once again chose the Rutgers review course. This time however an online version of the course was available and I chose to do that.


This version I found was better than the in person review course. The reason being that I could go at my own pace, pause if I needed to for breaks, rewind when I needed clarification.

It feels like you're taking the review course in person.

You can print out the slides and follow along the lectures just as though you were there in person.

But having the option to go at your own pace as well repeat lectures, well it doesn't get any better than that.


Some of my co workers have also purchased the online review course and found it to be very helpful.


I know from now on I will always be doing the Rutgers online PANRE Review course. It doesn't get any easier or better than that.

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