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I just decided to take another class this fall and I'm a little confused on the directions for how to use Academic Update..the FAQ says this:


Once your application status is “verified,” navigate to the “Coursework” section. Delete any Planned/In Progress terms that are now completed, and re-enter these terms as “completed.” Please note you must have completed ALL of the courses in the term before switching the term’s status to complete. At this time, you may also enter any new planned or in-progress terms. Once you are finished adding all of your new courses, your update is complete. You do NOT need to officially “Submit” this work in order for it to be visible to your programs.\


Where is the "coursework" section? Is it in the academic history/transcript entry area or somewhere else? I feel like I'm missing something :).



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So I am in the same boat and I think I know why. When I submitted my application I put end dates on all the schools i had attended and didn't indicate I was planning on taking future courses at the institution. So now it's not giving me an option to enter any added coursework at all, even though my school is requiring it be updated on CASPA. Did this happen to anyone? Is there anyway around this? The only way around it I can think of is to attend a school different than the ones listed, but I am planning to attend one that is listed. I have 1 requireemnt for one of my schools that is pending, and another 2 for another school. Please help! 

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