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Typical South Florida Offer

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Fort Lauderdale, FL Employer 21st Century Oncology Start Date   Description Seeking Physician Assistant for Urology office




The Physician Assistant is responsible for assisting the Physician in treating patients.



•Assist Physician in treating patients.

•Evaluate patients: take history and perform pertinent physical examination.

•Provide post surgical wound care and follow-up

•Coordinate care of patients: testing and preparation for procedures

•Record and ensure availability and completeness of documentation, reports and imaging examinations.

•Provide patient education, counseling and instruction.

•Facilitate supervising physician referral of patients to the appropriate health care facilities, agencies, or other resources of the community or other physicians

•Dictate progress notes, history and physical, and discharge summaries.

•Administer and/or order medication upon request of supervising physician

•Initiate emergency measures on patient as required

•Perform chart audits

•Provide in-service and daily consultation to nursing staff

•Initiate consultation and monitor patients for special tests

•Counsel patients as to preventive care

•Other general duties performed in a general practices outlined in F.S. Chapter 458.347

•Share light on-call responsibilities with a supervising physician on back-up

•Answering physician patient calls

•All other specific tasks delegated by supervising physician in accordance to the physician assistant's knowledge and experience developed under the supervising physician

•Surgical first assist

•Maintaining follow-ups in office



•Holds a current license and is in good standing

•Maintains certification in accordance with Department of Regulations

•Able to perform health care tasks in urology by supervising physician efficiently and effectively consistent with patient's health and welfare

•Able to obtain and sustain clinical hospital privileges

•Excellent interpersonal skills

•Ability to work with minimum supervision

•Ability to travel within the surrounding communities

•Good diagnostic capabilities


Education and/or Experience:

•Graduate of an approved program or its equivalent

•Meets the standards set by the Board of Medicine

•Urology experience preferred but not required.


Compensation 75k -85k



Basically they want to milk as much as they can out of you. Bill at 100% and then pay you peanuts

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"The Physician Assistant is responsible for assisting the Physician in treating patients."


Booo. Not what a PA does. But this is fairly typical here in S. Fl. If you think there's room for advancement or it might be a good stepping stone then I wouldn't worry too much about that first offer. I would check to see what sort of educational environment it will be for you though. When you leave in a year (or whatever) you want to be a year better. Not languishing as someone's scribe.

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