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2011 Chicago course book still valid?

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I was just wondering what the general opinion is on this.


I took the 5 day CME resources review in 2011 and am getting ready to start studying for the PANRE. The course is pricey and I'm wondering if I can get by with using the same giant binder of info they gave me in 2011. Is it really worth paying for the course again when I have all the lectures and practice tests? It is about 5 years old.

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Five years is a long time in some topics --- you should probably update your hypertension guidelines -- newer anticoagulants -- update your management of CHF.  Update your asthma management -- five years ago we were giving LABA for asthma without steroids on board and killed people.   Update your pap smear guidelines -- mammo screening -- lung cancer screening, etc.

For the most part, the "medicine" has changed --- but you should review the drugs.


So you are taking a chance, but most of the material will be similar.


I know that's vague -- but if you have a new Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment --- and update what is in the binder with that - you should be good.


The reason for attending the review is that it FORCES you to hear it all over again --


If you passed your PANCE with a big cushion (600 or above) you will not have a problem --- if you were on the fence, i.e. 380, then you have some work to do......


hope this helps, jackie

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