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Are there scheduled breaks throughout the program?

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In the 27 months of my program, I believe there were 9 weeks of breaks for me...
* 1 between summer and fall, winter and spring, spring and summer of didactic year.
* 1 spring break didactic year
* 3 for Christmas break didactic year
* 2 for Christmas break clinical year

Anyone who had to remediate a class lost their break between terms.  I know that the schedule has changed substantially since then, in terms of adding weeks to didactic year and cutting down an elective rotation.

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My program is 28 months and it follows the same academic calendar as the rest of the school (undergrad included). We attend fall, spring, and summer, but we still have breaks in between each semester as well as holidays. Holidays are usually a day or 2 off while spring to summer and summer to fall are about 1 week off. The biggest break is between the fall and spring semester.

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UC Denver -

36 month-ish program,


1st year: begin May - summer break (2.5 weeks) - fall semester - winter break (5 weeks) - spring quarter - summer break (6 weeks spread over summer clinicals)

2nd year - similar pattern

3rd year - only clinical rotations...


We start clinical rotations in the first year! And we get to hit material more than once also it's not crammed down our throats.



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