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2015-2016 Application Cycle

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I also got an email with the interview ranking rubric and saying that I am eligible for an interview, but I honestly don't know if that's a huge advantage...since I assume most of the 700 applicants will be eligible for an interview and will be fighting for 18 seats. This is the last school I'm waiting to hear back from and my only chance to go to PA school next year, but I have started applying for full-time jobs with patient contact so I'll have a back-up gap year plan.

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Thank you! They start with a overview of the program, then a group of 3 interviewers will interview each candidate indivudally. A few students gave us a tour of the building while others were being interviewed. And there is also a group activity. After the interview is complete, you can eat lunch with current students, which I recommend because you get to learn more about the program that way! The interview is very relaxed and everyone was very nice and approachable. 


Also, yes they are only accepting 18 students. The class size is 41 but 23 of the spots have been previously filled by students in their 5 year program! 


Good luck!!

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Can anyone tell me what the interview was like? Do they really only accept 18 people?


Yes for the 18 people. Cab415 explained the interview well, except at my interview it was 4 interviewers but one was observing. Also, the director gave us a tour and we were sent to eat lunch by ourselves. About half of us skipped lunch because we were not going to be with students or anything. The individual interview is typical of others with each person being asked different questions. Also, the writing component was different for each person but is nothing to be worried about! 

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