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Vacation Coverage and no additional pay?

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Hello PA Forum!

I'm looking for some resources or advice on how to address this situation.  We are a growing neurosurgical practice, now with several PAs.  As we have added PAs our overall coverage hours have increased to near 24/7 coverage, with each PA working an average of 40 hours per week.  Once our third PA had joined we addressed vacation coverage as an issue in the practice.  Essentially, when someone takes off we have been having another PA from the group fill that day by coming in on their normal day off.  previously this was an uncompensated day addressed by a "good salary or bonus", however at times some PAs were covering other PAs vacations unequally. So as a group of PAs we brought to the attention of the physicians and practice manager that we would like a night/weekend differential and additional pay for coming in on days off for vacation, or a salary raise to cover this additional work. This was met with resistance, however we did eventually agree that a differential for nights and weekends would be 20% and coming in to cover vacation would be an hourly rate based off of the salary +20%.

Fast forward a year later and the physicians and practice managers feel that they have been paying out this money unnecessarily, and would like to remove the differential.  They also feel that vacation coverage should not be compensated.  


I've reached out to multiple local PAs, however most groups have more than one PA on per day, and the PA on vacation is not replaced with a person that comes in.  We are on a salary system with a decent bonus.  


I'm unsure of the best way of moving forward, I've tried to use the AAPA salary report but its not effective as the general idea of what PTO means is very different between us.


Any ideas or advice?

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The problem with that thinking is that MDs are not paid like PAs--they get paid a much higher base pay, have practice ownership and profit sharing, etc.


As long as PAs are employees contracted to do specific work, specific extra work should be appropriately compensated.

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I would explain to them that although you do a lot of their job, you are still considered a hired employee.  You are not a doc, and not compensated as one, and therefore when you have to work extra it should be paid.  I suspect a NS is getting 300-600 per year, a far cry from 100+k.


Just be honest with they, and STAND TOGETHER AS A GROUP - if you do not they will just label the one that speaks up as a trouble maker....


exeperienced NS PA's that are in OR and running clinic should be closer to 150 then 120 IMHO, and if you are really good higher then that.

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