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Montefiore OB/GYN Residency

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Anyone have any personal experience completing this residency, or know another PA that has? I'm Interested in applying, but wanted more information. I know that OB/GYN is one of the smaller specialities, and I've hit a brick wall looking for info online.

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    • By Paperbae
      As I come closer to making some tough decisions regarding programs, I am hoping to gather information and opinions from current students from the above programs or perhaps students who have interviewed at a combination of the above programs. More specifically, I am wanting to know if any students, interviewees, or alumni would be willing to share their personal experiences regarding 1) best and strongest aspects of the program 2) aspects that could be improved upon 3) level of support from faculty/program resources and 4) anything you were surprised about after matriculating into the program. I’d also like to know about any goofy things (location, parking, student perks) that you’d consider a plus or minus about the program. 
      I have interviewed and been accepted into two of these programs and interview at the third fairly soon. I really love each for different reasons...proximity to spouse, culture of the area, resources, etc., but find that having interviewed with so many programs back-to-back, I wish I would have conversed with current students during the interview day more extensively (interview and travel fatigue... 😶)
      Anyhow, I would appreciate any and all comments. 
    • By lydiamc
      I'm a first time applicant and I will be applying this next rotation in 2017. My first choice would be to go to UW MEDEX and I'm wondering what my chances are. 
      Undergrad: Oregon State University; Major: BioHealth Sciences, all of my pre-reqs are met through my major. Minor in psychology. 
                         Overall GPA: 3.5; Science GPA: 3.52
      HCE: I'm an uncertified paid medical assistant in a ear, nose, throat and allergy clinic. My duties are broad and can go from giving allergy shots, assisting the doctor in procedures, taking vitals and medical histories, translating for spanish speaking patients to finishing patient's charts and sending medications. My hours by the application deadline will be 2000. 
      Volunteering: My volunteer experience mainly consists of volunteering at a free medical clinic in my town. I volunteer as a medical assistant, translator for spanish speaking patients, and receptionist. I volunteer at this clinic about three times a month. ~108 hours a year. 
      GRE: 150 Verbal, 154 Quantitative, 4 Analytical
      Letters of Rec: 
      1) The doctor I work for. 
      2) My anatomy and physiology professor at OSU. 
      3) The dean of pharmacology at OHSU (my previous boss) 
      I'm 22 and I am an Oregon resident. I have a history of working as a student researcher at OHSU. 
      I also had some other questions along with my chances of getting into UW MEDEX. 
      1) How much does the GRE matter for UW MEDEX? 
      2) How much does it matter being a non-Washington resident applying to UW MEDEX? 
      3) I'm also applying to OHSU, Pacific, and was wondering about my chances there as well. 
    • By duckmag
      Hello! I am looking for PAs to shadow. Please email me at sels@ohsu.edu for opportunities. I have many years of medical experience but have only shadowed one PA in vascular surgery. I am looking to expand on this. Thanks for your help and have a great day!
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