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Chances in being accepted?

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Hi my name is Jenny and I'm 22 years old, pursing the career of a PA. I'm currently an undergrad at CUNY Brooklyn College, soon graduating with a B.A. in biology. My current cumulative GPA is 3.82, with a major GPA of 3.81.


I am certified as a NYS EMT-B, and nationally certified as a Phlebotomist/EKG.


HCE: 700hrs as a volunteer crew chief EMT, 200hrs as a paid EMT for a private company, 200hrs as a hospital volunteer in the general medical surgical unit, 150hrs of shadowing a Critical Care/Trauma PA in NYC.


Extracurricular activities: 4-year member/captain of the Brooklyn College (BC) swim team, member of the Student-Athlete Advisory Club at BC, accumulated approx. 175 hrs of community service through NYCares, BC Tutor in A&P I & II, BC Research Assistant in BC Microbiology dept., and a student member of NYSSPA.


Is there anything more one would recommend me working on, such as another certification or so?



Thanks for the feedback




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Welcome Jenny,


No other certification needed, but if you're interested in EM then I would recommend PALS and ACLS (for personal growth-  not resume buffers). 


You have a pretty good shot at PA school unless you're socially awkward and completely bomb the interviews. 


Get paid HCE and you're golden.

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