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Anyone interested in practicing in EGYPT....

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Woke up to this in my inbox:



May 15, 2011

Good Morning,

I do have 3 openings now!

This seems to be the year that I need PAs more than before. I will be in Las Vegas so we can meet and talk. If you are not going to be there send me a note indicating your interest and I’ll call or write.

Basic requirements include:

Current BLS/ACLS
certification with an expiration date greater than one year (if possible),

Current NCCPA

5 years experience
in FP, ER, Urgent Care, or IM, (May consider 3 years experience depending on past employment experience)

Passport with at least two years before expiration.

Employment with SEAVIN in Egypt includes competitive tax free salary, transportation, furnished housing with all utilities, time off to enjoy the area, and many other benefits. The employment location will be one of our full service compounds.

Thank-you for your continued interest in SEAVIN Egypt employment, and I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible and again my apologies if you have received a similar note earlier in the month.



David E. Larson, MMS, PA-C

SEAVIM Health Services Manager



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They were around when I lived in Egypt, but under General Dynamics. The year I left (90) they created SEAVIN as an independent contracting services separate from GD. I was on their campus several times as one of my best friends was one of their PAs. I interviewed with them last year and was very serious about going. However, with a kid just entering college and two others in, and my father-in-law becoming quite ill (died since) we decided to pass. So that's when I decided to create my clinic.


In a nutshell, I would love to go back to Egypt. The Seavin job is very, very slow paced (the site I looked at had about 5 visits/week) but there's a lot of Occupational Medicine tasks. You can make it what you want. You can schedule a lot of time off to explore the world. I would love to finish learning Arabic. However, the salary is low (for an overseas job) but with the tax advantages, sign on and finishing bonuses, you can do okay.


I still dream of going back when I get my clinic off the ground and some day sell out . . . if I'm not too old by then.

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