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A&P prerequisites

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Hi everyone,


My undergrad school has a strange A&P class--the biology department offers only a one semester class that covers A&P for all systems. I know most PA schools require 2 semesters, but I've also taken Anatomy & Physiology of Speech and Hearing Mechanisms through my minor, Speech and Hearing Sciences. Does anyone know if this will count towards A&P hours, or must the class be more general?



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Your answer will vary by school:

* Some will require two terms, period.

* Some might accept a single term if it had enough credit hours

* Some might accept a hodgepodge solution like you propose, but they're going to be the minority, I suspect.


Honestly? I'd redo A&P in two semesters at a community college and knock out 4.0's.

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Concur with Rev.  FWIW as a student finishing my first semester of PA school, including Anatomy & Physiology, you are going to want the most thorough human anatomy and physiology course work you can get - no substitute.  I had a great pre-req course, and I'm still buried!  


I also seem to recall that most programs are pretty explicit about requiring 8 hours of A&P lecture & lab; the only accommodation they make is to accept Anatomy lecture/lab for 4 hours and Physiology lecture/lab for 4 hours OR A&P I for 4 hours and A&P II for four hours.  They usually go further and explicitly require it to be human; they won't accept anything broader.  

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