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Question over GPA and two bachelors degrees

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Hi all! I've been hanging around the site and reading all the great information. First and foremost I want to say hello and good luck to everyone applying this season. So here is my question regarding GPA. Almost after graduating with my first bachelors degree in which I earned roughly around a 3.3GPA, I enrolled in a second bachelors program (respiratory therapy) and received a 4.0. I'm wondering (im still pending the verification process) how these two GPAs will be calculated. Any info would be great! Thanks and again, good luck to everyone!



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CASPA will combine both GPAs but they will also list them separately. When you look at the copy of your application that gets sent out to all the programs there are several ways they breakdown and list your GPA. They do cumulative, science, BCP, non science, behavioral. GPA by year/subject, grad, post-bac, etc. 

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CASPA will combine both GPAs but they will also list them separately. When you look at the copy of your application that gets sent out to all the programs there are several ways they breakdown and list your GPA. They do cumulative, science, BCP, non science, behavioral. GPA by year/subject, grad, post-bac, etc. 

Thanks, yes I just saw this as I've just recently been verified.

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For anyone applying in the future who may be interested in this topic: My two bachelors degrees were combined by semester in order to give me a cGPA. My second bachelors degree which was heavy in science courses also helped boost my sGPA. For those who have not been verified and are starting the process and may be in a situation like mine, your GPA calculation may look something like this:


Freshman GPA                             x.xx

Sophmore GPA                            x.xx

Junior GPA                                    x.xx

Senior GPA                                   x.xx


Post Bac GPA (all hours from 2 years of second degree education)                                 x.xx


total GPA (all GPAs combined)                             x.xx

total science GPA                                                    x.xx


This is a follow up to my main topic in case anyone interested. For RTs, my RT classes weighed heavily into my sGPA and cGPA.


Hope this information is helpful!

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    • By Ritzcrackers
      Does anyone know if thomas jefferson university do a Holistic Review or do they automatically reject those that do not have a 3.2 science GPA? I have already emailed the program admissions about this but I have not received a reply and I do not want pay the application fee if they will automatically reject me? Please I need answers asap.
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      Hello everyone,
      I am new to this site and I would really appreciate if I can receive advice. I have an undergraduate GPA of 3.045 right now this is prior to my spring semester grades being placed in and I project my GPA to raise but I guess not much since I will mostly have A's and B's. I am also graduating in December so I have one more semester. What makes me nervous is that Yale requires prereq's that I don't have yet (Micro, A&P I AND II, and Biochem) but I have the statistics portion. Luckily, Yale doesn't require any labs for the prereq's. Yale's minimum GPA req is a 2.8 however, CASPA hasn't calculated my GPA yet and based on what I've heard a CASPA gpa is way lower than your transcript gpa and I want to be competitive. 
      Not to mention that I am a psychology major which is already not the usual biology/chem. My major (science undergraduate) is a 3.5. 
      My plans were this summer to take these classes at a community college while completing classes towards finishing my degree at my usual university. The reason for this is due to COVID-19 and my school deciding to continue remote learning via ZOOM. My university doesn't have the best science professors from what I heard and what I seen (taking chem which I got an A in). I figured community college whose curriculum is already set up as online would be much easier for me to pick u in and CHEAPER of course. I say all of this to ask if it makes since to put myself through all of this in the summer if I may not get an interview based on the fact that my regular GPA is 3.0 and even if I take all of these classes and receieve a 4.0 I doubt my CASPA gpa will be raised by that much.
      My PCE (Paid) is 2000. 
    • By naomiesterm
      When I started college, I was in my school's engineering program for 4 years ( with an almost completed minor in Marine Biology). Upon my last year, I changed my major from engineering to Marine Biology. My engineering GPA has forced my overall GPA to be about 2.6. My Marine Biology GPA is above a 3.0. (All of the current pre reqs for PA school that I have taken with the exception of OCHEM 1 (C), have been Bs or better. I did improve from OCHEM 1 to 2 by getting a B)
      I still have to finish my BS in Marine Biology ( graduate in December) but I was thinking about getting an AA degree with surgical tech ( using it to get HCE/PCE by working for a year). 
      Does my AA gpa count as undergrad GPA even though I took it after my bachelor's degree?
      How does my engineering grades affect my CASPA application even though it doesnt apply to my major anymore? ( side note, my university does not replace grades for courses retaken. They simply average the two together)
      Thank you in advanced!
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      I was wondering which GPA schools use during the admissions process. Undergrad, my CASPA calculated cumulative is 2.21 (i know, i know...) im currently in a masters in biology for health professions program and after two semesters my GPA is 3.42.
      using the CASPA GPA calculator spreadsheet, my cumulative with undergrad and grad is 2.4. which means i have to pick the correct schools in terms of GPA requirements etc. My question is will schools use only the CASPA cGPA to see if you meet the GPA requirement listed for their program? Do they look at sGPA moreso than cGPA? Do they take into account the 3.42 in graduate science courses regardless, or do I have to apply only to schools with the low GPA requirements OR the ones looking at most recent 40/60 credit hours?
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      I have an institution (community college) where I took a class but got grade forgiveness and earned no credit. I did not retake the course. In caspa it says to report all schools I earned credit from. Do I need to report this school? If I do and choose to manually input grades does it count as an F if it was forgiven? Please help :) 
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