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RT to PA Final Version ( I Think): Please critique !!

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Since my earliest memories, I've always had an insatiable curiosity behind the `clockwork' into the human body.  These curiosities lead me to ask questions like how do we grow or why certain physical attributes change.  Over time, my interests for health grew into a passion for wanting to practice medicine. This proved to have an overwhelming influence towards my life goals throughout high school and college. I knew I always wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself, to be able to make a difference.  I've always had the belief that I wanted be a part of medicine, but was not exactly sure of what, or how. While trying to personally answer the proverbial "what do you want to do with your life?", I enlisted into the Air Force to help gain insight into the answer to this question.


During Technical School I was voted class leader.  This position meant that I was responsible for ensuring that the entire class was excelling physically and academically.  During this training, a large emphasis was placed on combat and survival.  Here, I was exposed to hands on first aid and emergency medical training for the first time.  After my departure from the military, these new experiences provided a new focus and dedication for embarking on a career in medicine.


With this new-found direction, I continued on the necessary steps to achieve my career goal. While attending Western Michigan University, I enrolled in the pre-Physician Assistant route and also completed all of the recommended courses.  While still an undergraduate student, I gained experience in a clinical setting employed as a Medical Assistant in a physician's office.  Here, I worked with a practicing physician that shared her years of medical knowledge and experience.  I was exposed to a vast range of new medical terminology, procedures, and treatments. 


To further my clinical experience I obtained additional employment as a Medical Technician in a long term care facility. My primary duties were to ensure the residents had proper healthcare and well-being.  I was able to have more independence and larger responsibilities here.  Daily treatments allowed me to interact with these residents not only as a healthcare provider, but also on a personal level.  These experiences further cemented my decision to become a Physician Assistant.


I felt that I had a fundamental grasp of what it means to be a healthcare provider and what it takes to become a Physician Assistant.  However, I still continued to take the steps necessary to prove that I will be a successful student and become an excellent Physician Assistant.  I enrolled into a Respiratory Care Therapy program to build on my healthcare experiences and medical knowledge. 


During my clinical rotations, I've watched the interactions between PAs and their supervising physicians.  These observations have provided me some insight into the level communication and trust that is required between a successful Physician-PA team.  After one year in this program, I have been able to provide hands-on health care to my patients like never before.  Practicing as a Respiratory Therapy student and using my newly developed medical skills, I have been able to successfully treat my own patients in clinical and emergent situations. 


My personal and professional life experiences have made me the person I am today.  Personally, I've endured hardships and loss of loved ones.  In these times I was given the perspective of what a patient experiences while sick or while being with an ailing family member.  I've grown personally from these experiences which have allowed me to become a more passionate and empathetic provider. 


Along with my professional skills and experiences in health care, I feel that I am more than a qualified candidate and have reached the end of this path. The only appropriate step next for me is to enroll in a Physician Assistant program so I can study to become an excellent health care provider as a Physician Assistant.

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Hello, fellow RT here. I thought you had some strong points. I didn't feel that your closing really did you justice, especially where you say you "have reached the end of this path." That part makes me feel like you exude a type of over confidence. Just an opinion, I'd be happy to offer any other suggestions or feedback. Let me know and good luck!

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