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I realize its getting pretty late (had to take a pre-req this summer and the schools I'm applying to deadlines are 9/1), but as I read on this forum more and more I'm starting to wonder if I should even bother applying or take another gap year.


I just finished my undergrad and will be taking one gap year working as a CNA, but I just got the job and haven't worked more than 100 hours yet, and I only have another 250 hours from volunteering (hospital and hospice). So very little HCE and only about 20 hours shadowing an MD. If accepted I will have well over 1,000 hours by the time I matriculate, but I know CASPA wants my current hours.


My Overall GPA is 3.65 and science is 3.55 and GRE is 159 V, 153 Q, and 4.0 W. My application is just about complete (including LOR). I'm wondering if my grades can make up for my lack of experience?  Also, if I don't get in will a poor application hurt my chances of applying next cycle?


Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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I think that your GPA is fine. Every year you will have more experience. And every year, you will have one year less left to live. If you can afford it, I'd apply.


You may surprise yourself get in. You will certainly learn something in the process either way.

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I'm in a similar situation and I'm going to apply this year. I figure if there's at least a slim chance that I'll get in, why not take it? At least if I get an interview, it will be good practice for next cycle. But I did remove all the schools from my list whose deadlines are September 1. Schools with October 1 deadlines are the earliest I'm doing.

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I almost was going to wait another year last cycle and wait until this cycle to apply. However I decided to just go for it. I was fortunate enough to receive multiple interviews and acceptances when I didn't think I'd get offered any. It never hurts to try and like others said, if you can afford it, go for it! Good luck!

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    • By Booboobusdriver
      Hello everyone!
      I was wondering if anyone knew how CBU calculated their prerequisite GPA? Do they do it on their own? Do they take your highest course if you’ve repeated a pre req? 
      If anyone has any info it is greatly appreciated!
    • By Kyrah1988
      Hi all,
      I am a third time CASPA user and I am looking for some slither of hope. I didn’t do well at all my first three years of Undergraduate. My cGPA is 2.4 and sGPA is 2.75. Not any better. I am a non traditional student and have not attended school since 2014. I also have over 11000 HCE. I wanted to know are there any PA programs out there that have grade replacement or grade forgiveness. I wanted a more updated list. Any help will be greatly appreciated!! Stay healthy my people. 
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      Do I have a chance?
      I’m struggling to decide if I should apply for this cycle or not due to my gpa and PCE. I graduated last august with a bachelors in biology. I’m 23 btw. 
      Cumulative Gpa before post bacc credits-2.98
      Sci GPA-2.65
      Cumulative gpa after post bacc-3.17 (32 credits)
      Sci gpa after-3.10
      Post bacc cgpa- 3.98 sgpa- 4.00
      PCE hours as a CNA~1500
      Medical assistant~ 400
      HCE as a Pathology Tech~ 1360
      LOR- one from MD that I worked with, one from a PA I shadowed, and one from a former boss
      Shadowing~150 hours 
      Leadership Hours~80 hours 
      Volunteer~150 hours
      Taking the GRE this month 
      My GPA was low in my undergrad bc of going through personal circumstances and recently learning that I have ADHD. After finding out my diagnosis I completely changed how I studied and I had an upward trend my senior year and during this post bacc.
    • By futurepa1998
      Here are my stats 
      Gpas when I graduated with a degree in Biology 
      Cgpa-2.93 sgpa 2.73
      Took 45 credit hours post-bacc on my own
      Those gpas were cgpa-3.93 and sgpa 4.0
      It changed my original gpas to a cgpa of 3.13 and sgpa of 3.12
      PCE hours as a CNA ~1900 by the time I apply 
      HCE hours as a Pathology Tech 1200
      Volunteer ~200 which includes a medical mission trip to Panama for a week, starting a HOSA club at my community college, did many leadership activities, and habitat for humanity projects 
      Shadowing~100 half in person other was virtual
      LOR’s- 2 PA’s, 1 MD, 1 from current boss
      Only thing I need to take is GRE
      I know my gpas are low and it was from my sophomore and junior year struggling with personal situations and also recently learning I have ADHD which caused me to change completely how I study. I am 22 btw if that helps with anything. 
    • By Andrea1020
      So I recently found a job that would work well with my schedule as a CNA covid tester. It entails testing patients and going through screening questions with patients then reporting results to the supervisor.  I am a little worried because I don’t really want to go for the job if it isn’t considered PCE. Has anyone have any info on whether or not this is PCE or HCE?
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