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Advice for seasoned PA looking at practice change

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Over the last six weeks I have been actively looking for new positions and it has been a bit discouraging.  I have been with a GI practice for over ten years, I did some part time Urgent Care the first couple years of my career but then had kids and honestly felt like all I could handle was one position working part time.  My husband was deployed a lot during that time and I was tempted many times to just stop working but carried on.  Anyway, ten years later I find myself very limited.  I am applying in a very popular city in the southeast.  There are tons of positions open, but it seems any that are UC or family practice want someone that can be up to speed right out of the gate. The positions I have interviewed for have alluded to the fact that they have a tremendous amount of applicants as well.  I have been very honest that my UC experience was ten years ago, essentially I feel like I will be just a step above a new grad (although maybe I would surprise myself).   I have also applied to a GI position and haven't had a call for an interview which I am very surprised.  It has only been a week since I applied to the GI position, but when I was looking to change practice ten years ago I felt like I had calls right away and interviews set up quickly.  My SP has said all of his partners in our group have said I am the best GI in the group, so I know in my specialty I am at the top of my game.  Unfortunately I would not work for any of the other Physicians in this group...I know too many negative things and I also really need to find a position closer to home, my commute is over an hour each way.  Without sounding like a big whiny pants I am somewhat envious of you guys doing EM and all of the options you have.  Obviously I didn't go that route or put in the effort that takes and really I don't feel like that is the best fit for me.  I prefer low acuity and do not like doing procedures (I can handle both, but really don't enjoy it or want the challenge) I more prefer clinical challenges and difficult cases.  Any other ideas or suggestions?  Has anyone done clinical research?  Was thinking of looking at something of that nature, but seems like they look for nurses and I would be surprised if the pay would be comparable to what I am making now.  Also how long did it take to find something either as a new grad or a seasoned PA changing practice?  Maybe my expectations are unrealistic. 

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