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Pain management offer, PA with 1.5yr ortho experience

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Hi guys,

So you all helped me finding my first job as a PA. Unfortunately, it didn't work out - doc was getting me working 70 hrs/wk and started calling on weekends. I just interviewed at a pain management clinic. This place has 3 locations in the Southeast, and has supervising docs in anesthesiology, ortho, and family practice. They offered me the job. They allowed me to shadow and it looks like they do a fair amount of procedures- injections, blocks, and spinal cord stim. Watching two of the PA's today, I didn't see any shady practices and the patients actually seemed legitimate and the workup was sound. All that being said, here's the offer they put on the table (note that I already negotiated the salary up from their first offer). 


Salary: 90k at start, then 100k/yr once medicare credentialed. + bonuses.

$1300/yr CME. 

6mo->1 wk vacation, 1 yr->2 wk vacation and so on. 1% of salary given with vacation (as a bonus "spending money").

Schedule Mon-Fri 8-5 with 25-30 patients per day. Every other Friday off work. I perform the procedures I schedule (unless the ortho surgeon has to do it i.e. ESI's)

No 401k; the practice manager said they are working to begin a 401k plan, but as this isn't a sure thing I'm considering the job as if this is nonexistent. 

Healthcare: I pick my own plan and the practice reimburses me. They didn't give me hard limits on how much they will reimburse. 


After the ridiculous hours and what amounted to a pretty crappy salary considering how much I was working (80k/yr) with ortho, this sounds like a decent offer. I am wary of the healthcare and the lack of 401k plan. I've talked to two of the PA's there off the record, both of whom came from ortho, and they are pretty happy, saying that the compensation and schedule is good. What do you guys think? I was let go from my previous job but have the support of other docs in the practice and everyone else I worked with - just some problems with the surgeon I worked for. I am not desperate for a job and want to pick the right one, where I can stay for a while and get more experience. 


UPDATE: Any takers on this? I could really use advice on what I might be getting myself into. 

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Guest Paula

Vacation time is low.  I would advocate for 4 weeks first year, then up to 6 weeks or so.  what do the other PAs get for vacation?


what are your exact duties?  Will someone teach you new  procedures?


Also get a commitment of how much they will reimburse you for healthcare premium.  Some are really high and will they reimburse for family plan or spouse if you need it?


Most importantly......is this the type of practice you want to practice in?  Since not desperate for a job, are you looking and applying for others that might have different or better offers or into a different area of medicine?

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