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Letter to extend OFFER???? is this a contract?

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hello all

so this group just mailed me this "extend an offer". on it,  pretty much they just lay out the numbers and benefits. but what i'm confuse is that they want me to sign this paper. once i sign it, a contract will be drafted for me to review. My question is that, after i signed this paper, am i forced to follow by the terms in the contract that they will create later?

thank you so much


here is what on this paper: it's for a community health clinic (family medicine for mostly adults)

  • annual: 90k
  • vacation/CME: 3 weeks per yr (would like to counter: vacation 3 weeks and 1 week CME)
  • sick days: 40 hours per yr
  • malpractice: free ( but i don't know the exact terms yet)
  • medical/vision: 100 % free for me and 75% for dependents (so would this consider wife as well? or just children?)
  • dental: no cost
  • life insurance: no cost at $250k
  • 401k: match up to 3% for the first 100% , 2% of the second 50% begining 2nd years
  • CME stipend: $1200 (seems okay right?)
  • (would like to ask for sign on bonus), never know until you ask right?

this seems pretty good so far, i think....i did not see patient per hour on this paper. but during the interview, they mentioned 20-24 ppd (9-5pm). this is the same place that told me 30ppd from my older post. i know they lower it to 24 ppd now with about 30% failure rate of pts not showing up. but i'm not sure how reliable that statement is.


this is in california. they expect to have me sign this in 5 days


thank you so much for your help and replies

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I doubt that it would be legally binding once signed, but you are committing yourself to the terms agreed to in that letter.  They would be using that compensation package to write out your contract.


I agree with shooting for another week for CME, would try to bump them up to $1500 for the CME as well.  Would also clarify your expected patient load.  

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i plan on countering with:

  • 3 weeks vacation, and 1 week for CME
  • 401k starts after 30 days.
  • $1500 for CME stipend
  • sign on bonus/lisence fee coverage

i will also clarify with them pt load and coverage of malpractice before signing this letter of offer.

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