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New Grad - Hospitalist Offer

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Here's the offer -


85k training pay - 95k after (training takes around 6 months, less if I pick things up more quickly) 


$2.50 per work RVU bonus paid monthly (I told the average PA in this practice has between 19-22 RVU's a shift and that the average bonus is anywhere from $900-$1400/month) - this also does not start until training is over


Malpractice - $1 mill per claim, $3 mill annual aggregate.


PTO - 14 days a year inclusive of vacation, sick, and CME. 


CME - $1500/yr 


Licencing Fees - reimbursed after the first year



What do you all think?

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forgot to add - 


Retirement - 0.50/dollar up to 6% match in 401k immediately upon hire


Medical/dental/vision - 3 plans to pick from. Base plan, which is an HSA, is 100% covered. Middle of the road with $500 deductible is $75/month, top tier with $0 deductible is $100/month
dental and vision is an additional $11/month no matter which plan you pick. 


Disability and life insurance included 


No mention of DEA - Will ask about this when I ask about licencing fees

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sounds like a fair offer. after 6 months you are probably looking at 95k+ 1k/mo =107ish. 85k is a fair training wage. first fair one I have seen. many are ridiculously low. I'm opposed to training salaries in general, but this seems fair as it is in the range of a nl salary and 107 after 6 months is likely top 10%.

what is the schedule?

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Minimum 14 shifts per 28 day cycle - 10 hour shifts. During the interview they said they wanted to hire 2-3 new grads to primarily work on doing admissions and then slowly transition into doing more rounding on the floors. The shift would be 11:00 AM - 9:00PM. She said myself and the other new grad they end up hiring could pretty much make our own schedules as far as which days we wanted to work as long as all the shifts got covered. 

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Licencing fees including DEA are my responsibility initially and then from there on out are paid by the employer. 


Radius restriction applies only to THAT hospital - so no problems there 


Non-compete- They agreed to change the wording so that I am able to work PRN in the ER. 

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