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Do I Have Any Type of Chance of Acceptance? (Your Honest Opinion Please)

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Hey there!  Ok long story short! 6 years ago I began college in NY (living here) and graduated last year. I plan on applying to a PA program (NY based schools) around the 2016-2017 cycle. For the first two years I received nothing but A's in all of my courses. Originally I wanted to be a dental hygienist. I was accepted into the program and my grades dropped. My grades were C (Medical Microbiology), W in Dental Anatomy, B- in Dental Oral Preventative, and a F in clinical. I had a full time job during that semester. After I switched my major to bioscience my grades improved once again (My grades were A's and B's but I did get a D in molecular biology). My overall GPA was a 3.59 :/


Pre requisite grades:

Statistics A

Calculus A

Biological Principles 1 C+

Biological Principals 2 B+

General Chemistry 1 A

General Chemistry 2 A

Anatomy & Physiology 1 A

Anatomy & Physiology 2 A

Microbiology A

Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry A-


Upper Division Courses

Intro to Genetics A-

Intro to Genetics lab A

Cell Biology A-

Cell Biology lab B-

Intro to Bioinformatics A


Along with that I volunteered 200 hours in a hospital and shadowed 100 hours with 2 Physician Assistants. As of right now I'm working in an Optometry office and plan on eventually becoming a Optometry Technician. So my recommendations will be from the 2 Physician Assistants and the Optometrist Doctor I work for. I don't plan on retaking the biology nor molecular biology course because I can't afford it. I'm just scared those dental hygiene grades will hurt my CASPA GPA and chances of getting in. Anyone have any honest opinions or had a similar issue and got accepted?

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Some of you responders need some real class. smh Talk about negativity! If your grades are that bad you really shouldn't consider being a Physician Assistant. Anywho thank you for the advice :) I asked the specific programs I'm attending and they said the optometry technician experience is acceptable.  I'm also considering CNA or a free home health aid classes.

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Did you even bother reading the forum guidelines and doing a search or checking out the applicant stats threads? 


Are you f'ing kidding me?


Your grades are better than fine. Address the dental hygiene issue in your statement and build some HCE.


"Is a 3.59 cGPA and mostly 'A's' in prereqs good enough?" Come on...

You don't need a 4.0 to get in somewhere and had you put a little effort in to educate yourself you would easily see this.  Why make an inflammatory reply after being ignorant and talking about having class?

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You might not need a 4.0 GPA but in any New York PA program (Yes NY program if you fully read my topic) mostly ALL incoming PA students have a 3.5 GPA and an abundant of HCE hours (I know this because my aunt's husband is a professor in a PA program). For you all to want to be considered professionals you are not professional nor decent on this forum (public forum at that). I'm no longer replying to you, it's above me and honestly I could careless about your opinion because the moderator answered my question already. Yes you all need class because obviously by your posts you don't demonstrate any sort of maturity. Good luck and Goodbye now  ;)

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  • Moderator

When are mods going to start enforcing guidelines and getting these posts into the appropriate places?

isn't pre-pa the right place for this post?

honestly, we don't move posts around much. if they are out of line we delete them. if they obviously need to be somewhere else we move them. remember there are really only 4 of us active here. many of the former mods check in once/yr. it used to just be me and I got 3 more added in the last year, which has helped a lot.

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Isn't there a what-are-my-chances thread?  I'm not sure why suggesting this is causing trouble or being unprofessional, but wouldn't a dedicated sub-forum for these posts help organize and tidy up?  I frequent a few other forums and this seems to be the norm.  The ps sub-forum is helpful, they're all in one place so those of us who wish to help out can go to that sub-forum and knock out a few critiques in one sitting.

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Well this went to hell in a handbasket. The old "ask-a-dumb-question-and-get-mad-about-the-snarky-responses-and-childishly-leave-trick."


Hope you didnt write any txt speak in your essays or apps..smh indeed.


ETA: This isn't SDN, I don't like this kind of deal going on around here.

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Text speak?........Seriously this whole topic was written in correct grammar and punctuation. You repliers seem a little jealous of my accomplishments. I'm no longer replying to this topic and yes I have already typed my personal narrative with input from the Physician Assistants that I shadowed with. You guys seem really incompetent and it's pretty pathetic to me. Good day to you :)

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@mcdaad - The reason why you've received sarcastic/exasperated replies is because your stats are pretty solid for acceptance into a PA program; asking "What are my chances?" for your situation seems to be a rhetorical question. If you search the forum, you'll see that most people who are worried about their chances have a lot lower stats than you do. That said, I don't think your honest question warranted any sarcastic/exasperated replies at all from this community, which is usually generally helpful... though, calling the people on this forum "incompetent and pathetic" will definitely make others less willing to help you. 


@EMEDPA - I agree with Glorious_Ignoramus, if not a sub-forum specifically for "What are my chances" posts, maybe a "Pinned"  thread within the Pre-PA General Discussion?

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Thank you Toasty for your response. You actually responded to me in a respectful manner. I was just asking because I did bad academically in my previous major and wasn't sure if it would affect my sGPA. If you viewed the responses you would see that their response was indeed incompetent and immature (with the exception of the moderator). Surely, I would never say everyone here is incompetent just the ones who were being immature in this post. If they had such a problem with my topic, it would have been more mature to ignore it as I would do. BTW I have seen posts in other topics with users with the SAME stats as me who were given no sarcastic responses. I'm not that butthurt by it because it's just a forum (Plus so far I'm getting positive feedback from everyone else in this community so I'm not worried if I'm not helped) but users should conduct their selves in an appropriate professional manner. My question has already been answered, don't understand why everyone is still stuck on it since this was posted days ago. Move on and enjoy life!

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Thanks Jsilveira! Before I posted this topic, I looked at what they considered as science courses and dental hygiene was definitely in there. Even though I did well in my pre requisites I was just worried as to how the dental hygiene grades would affect my sGPA. Did you complete your dental hygiene major or no? I only took one semester of classes and then switched my major.

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Nobody is jealous of your average "accomlishments" lol. The fact that you stated that and insulted others only reflects your own insecurities. Also, I find it ironic that you think others are incompetent when you fail to deduce basic statistics. "If my stats are average i should have an average or fair chance of getting accepted"

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Mcdaad, no one here is jealous of anything you are posting - I am happy with my average grades and 1000s of hours HCE as a combat medic.  You received the aforementioned replies because the typical "what are my chances" thread comes from prospective applicants which have below average stats.  Your stats are fine, and you likely have a fair shot at an interview, all things being equal.  This is something you could have deduced on your own simply by using the search function instead of posting yet another one of these threads.  The fact that you responded in an inflammatory manner certainly does help your situation here.

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