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1st GRE score low/Lower GPA. HELP!

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Hi everyone,


   I have officially applied to one school with my first attempt GRE score (got a flat tire on the way AND got rear ended - talk about stressed and then sitting for the exam) v: 145 , q:140 w: 4


I am able to retake the GRE but the school that i have just applied to (Grand Valley State in MI) will be past their deadline so unfortunately they will be getting my first attempt score. I have read that GVSU's focuses only very minimally on the GRE scores ( which in my case i really hope so)


My overall GPA is 3.0 - Few semesters really hurt my overall - some due to family deaths :( 

Last 60 credit GPA - 3.1 

Prerequisite science GPA (for all schools) - Over 3.6 

Science GPA 2.94 - Thanks CASPA as there is no grade forgiveness >:( 


Hands on healthcare exp : 1250+ as medical assistant 

Shadowing hours - 400+

Biology Degree - Graduated with a 3.4 - Which i don't know if that matters as CASPA has no grade forgiveness. 


Obviously, i am going to retake the GRE and will apply to several schools with my new score. However, wanted people advice and opinions to see if anyone has gotten in/interviews/accepted  with lower GRE scores/lower overall/science GPA/etc. 


Is hope gone forever :( ? 

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According to their FAQ, their average GPA is 3.5-4.0 cumulative, and about 2,000 hours of HCE. Statistically, applying to one program has about a 5% chance of acceptance, and your stats are below their mean, so the odds may not be in your favor.


That being said, there have many MANY threads from people in similar situations and discussions on recommended ways to improve admission odds.  Take a look around, I'm not going to beat that particular dead horse anymore. It may take time, effort, and patience, but you can do it.


Good luck to you.

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Is hope gone forever? Well, I don't know.


Don't give up, but I would not expect anyone on here to tell you "yes, you've got an excellent chance this cycle." Your school of choice may focus minimally on GRE, but you also have GPA issues to work through. You'd better kill that personal statement, but I don't know enough about that school to be able to tell if you'd even make it past their initial screening.


There are a lot of people on here who've been accepted with lower GPA or GRE scores. They usually have an abundance of relevant health care experience and have demonstrated their ability to handle rigorous coursework in some way.

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I scored a 290 on my GRE.  Ridiculous score and also a ridiculous test. (I rocked the Kaplan practice tests prior to taking the real test)  However,  my overall GPA was 3.67, and my science GPA was 3.4 ish, 7 years of full time employment as a Physical Therapist Assistant and about 100 hours of shadowing. I did great in my interview as well partly because I knew what to expect. MY school wanted a 300 on the GRE but I'v talked with other current students who scored even lower than me and where accepted.  The test does not show how smart you are, it is just a tool to "weed out" students due to the large number of applicants.  Have a great personal statement and rock the interview and all will fall in to place as it is supposed to.

Good Luck  and if you are not accepted this time, keep trying.  It took me 2 cycles to finally get accepted.

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