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I am kind of new graduated with 3 months of cardiology experiences and bilingual in both chinese and english. 

I got an offer in the ER.

 They gave me $65 per hour with health insurance and malpractice.

CME 1300/year

No vacation and sick days.

Not sure if i have holiday pay and 401b.

they are 1199

They said they might able to provide vacations and sicks days in the next half year. Because the hospital will be taken over by another hospital. 

Is that a good offer?

any suggestion would help. Thank you 

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one of the nice things about em is that it is shift work. you need x shifts or x hrs/yr. you can front load hours and take longer vacations without having to tax a vacation fund. I take off several weeks/yr and still end up with more hrs than the vast majority of my group(both docs and pas) every year. doesn't hurt that I work 12 hr night shifts and most of the day shifts are 8-9 hours.

I know of every few em jobs outside of union shops where em pas get overtime or holiday pay, at least on the west coast.

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Get a guaranteed minimum amount of hours per month in the contract.  That will give you a realistic idea of how you can schedule some time off.  My EM offer was very similar, but it states that I am guaranteed at least 144hrs per month and cannot go below 96hrs in a month.  That gave me a range to work with.  


Also, talk to the scheduler and any of the PAs that work there.  Get an idea about how they handle things like time-off or if a member becomes sick.

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