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How to you keep a potential PA program updated?

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I applied to my selected PA school about 3 weeks ago. I was just wondering which ways of communication to utilize when keeping the school updated. Like keeping them updated that you are continuing your HCE's and ect. E-mail? Phone call? 


Also, when you finished taking a class that was "in progress," do you just send the updated transcripts to the school or should you update CASPA? 


Thank you for your responses!


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Update your CASPA with any coursework you complete.  The school will be notified there's an update.


It depends.  Most schools have their own preferences for any updates.  A few schools don't accept any updates.  Some schools don't want any updates unless they decide to invite you for an interview.  I will say that most schools don't want transcripts sent unless specifically requested (and if you're accepted, they'll want official copies sent for the admission process regardless of the CASPA verification).  


Bottom line:  Contact the school(s) and ask (then comply as directed).  

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