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Hey Guys!  I have a quick question if anyone could help me out. I e-submitted my application and I am seeing everything is received but a transcript from a school I am currently taking a class at therefore my grade for the class is in progress. I noted this while entering the class in my transcript section and I read that CASPA does not review in progress classes, so I am confused as to why I am being asked for a transcript? Will this delay my complete date and what do I do about the issue? Thank you very much!!

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Thank you for being so responsive on this forum.  However, contacting the customer service team is more difficult than it seemingly should be.


I have called no less than 15 times over multiple different days and times of day and I consistently receive the recorded "Due to unexpectedly high call volumes..." message.  I have an outstanding transcript that was sent almost 3 weeks ago and is still not posted to my application, it is very frustrating knowing that this is the only piece preventing verification. Email contact seems to go several weeks without reply also, is there a more efficient means to contact them?  


Thank you again for your work on this forum, I just wish contacting customer service was as successful. 



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