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Updating Coursework

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Have any of you had to update your coursework after finalizing your application?

I submitted my application on late June and I just finished a pending course on July 12th. I had initially entered the course as "In progress" and now I have edited it to "Complete" in Transcript Entry.

Do I still have to the whole "Review & Finalize My Transcripts" again?

I noticed that in "Program Materials" the section on Prerequisites, where you assign your coursework to the program's required classes, shows this warning of "You have not added any coursework yet!" 

It doesn't make sense that it's saying that and I really don't want to mess this up. 

I've already e-mailed CASPA but I'm sure they're flooded with questions at this time. 

If anybody has had any issues with this please let me know!

Also, good luck to everyone applying!!

Thank you!

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