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  • 8 months later...

Did they make you take the personality test yet?  lol


I interviewed with them a year ago and it was...bizarre.


-They made me take an SAT like test.  Math, reading comprehension, and an extensive personality test.


-The job itself was in a word...terrible.  NO PTO time, NO CME reimbursement, Salary pay which meant they could keep you there late every night, and best of all, if one location is slow and another is busy, you can get a call in the middle of the day and be told to drive across town to finish your shift at another location...


I must of asked their recruiter 10x why there was no PTO or CME time....her response?  You only work 14, Thirteen hour shifts a month....look at all the time you have off!  That is your PTO time!      WTF?  It was like talking to a brick wall.  


My advice?  Go read the Glass door reviews.  One of the very first reviews is by a doctor that worked there, and he took them apart.  He said that he, as an MD, was treated with less respect as a provider, then the techs were.  BTW, no nurses, just NCT's or RT's giving shots, etc.  People who never went to nursing school or even MA school performing medical procedures just because they can shoot film.  Sadly, this last part is now the norm in Texas.  If patients knew that someone never trained to give shots was giving them to their kids...Oh brother.

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