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MPH graduate, what are my chances

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I am applying for my first time to PA school. I am sending out applications to about 10 programs and I am curious (just like everyone else) about my chances of acceptance. I don't have the highest GPA but I have good experiences.


GPA: 3.21

Science: 3.08

PCE: 8000

Most preReqs that I am looking at is about a 3.2-3.4 gpa.


I have experience as a EMT,CNA, and Sexual assault advocate. I graduated from graduate school (MPH) with a 3.52. And basically what is holding my gpa back is physics...unfortunately I have about 8 credits worth of Cs in those courses and I know most places do not do grade forgiveness. 


Also, I actually did some research in accepted applicants of programs with mediocre  GPA and sGPA as well...


Any thoughts or tips on my acceptance and possible schools :)?

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