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Primary Peds Offer

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I just received an offer for a primary pediatric job. Looking for any advice from fellow PAs. I graduated in 2013 and have worked as primary peds PA for the past 1.5 years. I decided to look for a new job to be closer to family.


Job specifics:

-Base salary: $75,000 with production bonus after 1 year of work. Now sure yet how production bonus works. I want to talk to the other PAs there is get their input on this.

-Work hours: 4 days/week with 1 saturday every 3-4 weeks. However, saturdays are separate pay (not included in salary) and are paid $60/hr). Saturdays typically 3-4 hrs long. I could potentially work more saturdays if I wish.

-3 weeks vacation plus 6 standard holidays 

-1 week CME plus $1,000 allowance for CME/year

-Health insurance (4 different plans to chose from). The plans appear to be decent so not too concerned about this aspect. Insurance kicks in after 60 days of working.

-Malpractice through COPIC. Unsure of how much or if tail included.

-No call and no rounding on patients in hospital (no inpatient duties)

Practice has 6 MDs, 4 PAs, 2 NPs


I currently work in a smaller town. Salary is $91,000. I only provide this to compare to the offer. I currently work 5days/week. I am leaning towards accepting this job as is closer to family and I haven't had any other reasonable offers. Please feel free to ask questions and provide any insight/advise. I appreciate all comments. Thanks.



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Is this four 8-hour days or four 10-hour days. The salary seems low for full time, but if it's actually 80% of full time, that's not quite so bad. You have to decide if the cut in pay is worth being closer to family. Since you have experience in primary peds, why not get production bonus from the beginning?

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Get Sat pay IN WRITING


I think the pay is a little low - even for a 4 day (8 hour) day


What is the number of patients you are expected to see? big difference in 14 versus 30....



Vacation is ok


Holidays - ONLY 6?  Yikes we get 11 (Which is an entire additional week off)  I get that peds needs to be open, but this is your time - and with and with a family your kids will have the day off from school and you will be going to work - I would counter with 4 weeks off or 11 holidays


CME is low - unless all your License, DEA and credentialing are paid out side of this - I would counter with a $2k/year, you determine how to spend and it ROLLS over year to year (no use or loose) - same with the time - you might want to go to a big conference one year and skip the next year - make sure it can be used for travel and lodging


and the big one - BONUS - you MUST get in writing how this is calculated, and that you have full access to your billing and collection numbers - it should only be off your productivity, and NOT things like practice profit (you have no control over this) or other measures which you have no control over. 

Big thing is directly tied to your productivity and that you have full access to your #'s



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Thanks for the replies. It is 4 eight hr days (so 32 hrs total). I countered with $85,000 but they said they would only go up to $82,000. I will be eligible for a production bonus in November. And all saturdays remain $60/hr until I am eligible for production bonus. I am not too concerned about CME this year. I can negotiate that next year if need be. 3 weeks vacation and 6 holidays off is already better than I am currently getting so I was actually happy with that. I will have access to my collections/numbers. They pay for license, DEA, PALS, credentialing, etc. Production bonus is based on practice profit (is a pool) and then midlevels get a percentage of it based on their individual productivity. The other option is starting production bonus right away and saturdays would then be included in base salary and bonus (no longer $60/hr).  What do you guys think? 

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