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Lost Transcripts - CASPA

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Has anyone dealt with a situation similar to this?


I sent my transcripts in early June and received a notification that all of them had been received and processed by CASPA. The notification is on my CASPA profile and they sent me an email as well. When I submitted earlier this week they said one transcript is missing despite the fact that I received a notification and email saying that this transcript was received and processed.


I have a deadline to meet and now I will probably miss it. Basically I am being penalized because my transcripts were lost.


Has anyone had this happen and what should I do? I have been calling but they said just to send new ones (I overnighted a new set for $20), and that it would take 7-10 business days to process them and then up to 4 weeks to verify. Any advice is appreciated.

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This also happened to me. I got an e-mail from CASPA today stating: 


"Your transcript was the subject of a slight technical issue, it is being matched at this time, it will hopefully post within the next few days Have a lovely day".


I just wanted to let you know that it was not only you. I hope everything works out for you and your deadline was not missed.

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Apply by the deadline anyway. Send a brief note to the school(s) explaining the technical glitch, perhaps including an unofficial copy of the missing transcript: 


"Dear so and so,


"My official application to the University of Greenland's PA Program is being sent to you electronically. There was a technical issue with my CASPA application that I'd like to address.


"I was notified by CASPA in May 19th that all my transcripts had been received, including one from the University of Mars. On June 10th,  I was notified by CASPA that a 'slight technical issue' had caused that transcript to be lost and that I needed to resubmit the information. That was immediately done and CASPA is processing the information now.


"In the interim, I am enclosing an unofficial copy of the transcript. Please note that including this transcript will result in my overall GPA being 3.xxx and my science GPA being 3.yyy.


"Thank you."



Stuff happens; what you do about it is what counts.


Good luck!

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Thanks for the responses, I ended up getting a hold of a customer service rep who was very helpful and they straightened out the issue. It took four extra days for my application to be officially submitted and then it was verified about ten days later. Crisis averted.

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