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Do I have a realistic shot

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Okay I'm having doubts about my competitiveness when trying to apply to PA programs. I don't know if I am over reacting or if I should be seriously worried. I recently graduated from ucla with a degree in history because I enjoyed the subject and took a lot of my prereqs on the side and this is what I have. 

Chem 14A-C (General)

Chem 14B- C+ (General)

Chem 14C- B (Organic)

Chem 14Bl - B(Lab)

Chem 14Cl- A(Lab)

Life Science 1- B

Life Science 2- B-

Life Science 3- C

Life Science 23L- A (2 unit lab)

Psych 1- C+ (Had 26 units this quarter and my grades suffered)

Outside of Undergrad at a local CC

Anatomy+lab- A

Physiology+lab- A

Microbiology+lab- A

Sociology- A

Biochemistry- B+


As for outside of Academics I have volunteered at underprivileged elementary schools or 3 years teaching fitness and nutrition, one year patient escort at a hospital, one year in a research lab, volunteer for one year at a homeless clinic. 


For paid HCE hours I have worked for a year as a medical scribe in a family practice office while doing some MA duties such as BP's, EKG's, urine samples, patient histories, and ear and lung exams. 


For the classes I have gotten C's in should I retake them? And Should I take extra science courses to raise my science gpa and to cover more pre reqs of different schools who require upper division credits for admissions. 


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To make it easier on everyone, consider going to the CASPA website and use the formula on their FAQ to calculate your cumulative and science GPAs. How many hours (roughly) do you have for volunteering, and work? Some people say a year, but they only work 5-10 hours a week, skewing the numbers. Having actual numbers makes it easier to compare you to the norms.


There have been a few threads on here about retaking classes that you received a 'C' in. Take a look at those, when you get a chance.

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